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Chain Reaction

             After reading William Shakespeare's play, Othello, one can see how a characters" reaction or instinct affects their surroundings. Through manipulation, lies and deception Emilia, Desdemona's attendant, has thrown Desdemona's love for Othello off course. Emilia's relationship with the other characters reveals how she sees herself and her life. Emilia's relationship with her husband Iago seems to be based upon convenience instead of love. Iago asks her to do things that will benefit him and she does them in hopes for personal praise. Emilia is also seeking credit and acceptance from her mistress and friend, Desdemona. Emilia uses the naivety of Desdemona for her own personal advantage and the advantage of Iago. Because her connection to Desdemona is so close and intimate Emilia is able to manipulate her while getting information for Iago. Emilia's basic reaction to information lacks reason or consciousness of its affect on others. In order for insecure people to feel protected they believe they need to react to information with responses that will only benefit themselves. The conflicts caused by these responses can be avoided with more intellectual thought, feeling, and emotion.
             Emilia is one of those insecure people reacting to life in a one track mind. She rarely thinks of how her reaction to one character will affect another or even come back to her. Emilia's deep attachments to her mistress, Desdemona, are the driving forces in her cynical manipulation. The audience can conclude that the two women are close because of how much time they spend together and the way they treat one another. However if one looks closer they will notice that the friendship seems to be one sided. Desdemona is constantly turning to Emilia with her problems concerning Othello and the turmoil surrounding her life. Nonetheless Emilia rarely returns that trust by confiding in Desdemona with any of her dilemmas.

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