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How Important was the Navy to Winning the 1st World War

             How important was the Navy to winning the War?.
             Even though some thought the navy had very little effect on the war but they don't realise that it had a great affect, if not one of the greatest. Britain, being an island needs supplies from others countries and the only way to transport these supplies is by sea, and if the sea is controlled, enemies supply ships cant passes so starving the country. Even though Germany is not an island it also needed supplies by sea being blocked from war fronts. So the sea could "lose the war in an afternoon". .
             If theses supply ships were sunk or captured it could be a very effective of forcing the enemy to surrender. If it wasn't for this technique the war would of gone on till they ran out of men, not supplies. .
             Even though only one battle was fought, by the High seas fleet and the Grand fleet there was reason behind this. If either side lost all their fleet, the war would be lost. With no ship to protect the seas supplies would be stopped and surrender inevitable. So both sides we anxious to put the ships into action for the above reason. .
             With all the Navy did in the war, if either sides Navy collapsed the War would almost definitely be lost so they were just as equally important as the soldiers in the War. .
             Blockade was the tactic used very effectively by the British to keep the German fleet in port. They did this by laying mines making it very risky to venture out of the areas. This was a very good and the most effective naval tactic in the War. The Germans attempted to do this on the British but it was much harder as we had much more space for them to blockade, the Germans only had a small part to block making it easy for the British. Blockades also stopped some supply routes for enemy supply ships. For example, the British blocked a huge area in the North Sea to stopped German supplies.
             A convoy was a protection unit that made supply ships a less attractive target for German U-boats as they were guarded with ships with guns.

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