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Aztec Empire and Cortes

            It seemed Cortes faced unbelievable odds when he aimed to conquer the Aztec empire. The shear numbers of the natives were overwhelming. Although it would seem that he should have been defeated the records of history clearly state his impressive victory. At this point one must ask if the Aztecs had a chance. Could Montezuma have resisted the terrible assault of Cortes? He could not. The mental state of all the Natives combined with tactical expertise as well as the technological superiority of Cortes created a condition optimum for the downfall of the Aztec empire. It can be clearly understood why the Aztecs could not have overcome their foe.
             When Cortes arrived in Mexico, the main disadvantage of Montezuma had already begun. Aztec religion required mass human sacrifice. Thousands of people a year where killed at altars of the gods. Many of them were women and children. A majority of the people sacrificed were from neighboring tribes. This caused many natives to hate Montezuma and the Aztec society. Cortes became a final hope to overcome this mass sacrifice. Thousands of natives quickly joined his army. This was what allowed Cortes to overcome the Telaxcalans and create a powerful alliance between them and the Spanish. The Telaxcalans made a great contribution Cortes's force. They were a fierce tribe who had been at war with the Aztec's for almost a century. They provided Cortes with immense knowledge and manpower, both necessary to overcome Aztec rule. Montezuma himself had struggled for years to overcome the Telaxcalans. Their defeat followed by the alliance was the first of a long physiological campaign against Montezuma and the Aztec empire.
             Cortes himself did much to demoralize the Aztec army. When he arrived many people thought he was the great god Quetzakoatl himself. Unfortunately Montezuma was one of them. Cortes exhibited many qualities that resembled that of the god. One quality was the religion that Cortes preached of.

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