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Theory of Absolutism

             The basis of a ruler's power is God where the king is solely answerable to this deity. The fact that people revere the king due to his status, (appointed by god) also served as a basis for his authority, for people would not take the kings decisions lightly, an act against the king was an act against god. The church also plays a role in the king's power. The church being the embodiment of this power.
             2. The ruler's restraints on this power include the reckoning of God upon its misuse. Rulers are obliged to use their power with restraint and fear; for something given to them from god must not be taken lightly. Understanding the fact that this power is a gift from god in theory causes the king to tremble in fear and prevent its abuse. One other restraint can encompass the fact that if God is caused to withdraw his power owing to its mistreatment, the world declines into chaos. Not one human being believing of this notion would desire this occurrence.
             3. The relationship between the ruler and his country is that of a twisted sense of unity. The whole state exists in him; his will was believed of to encompass the wills of the populace. Basically put this ideology states "what the King wills his people wills". The power of each individual is in sync with the kings. The king is the hand of god and the hand of god encompasses and controls all.

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