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Mozart in All His Fine Glory

             What a name, but this was not his given Christian name. His parents, thoughtful as they were, decided to name this brilliant composer of music and operas, Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Gottlieb Mozart. The Christian name in which he was baptized as was, Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart. It is no wonder why he is known as just Mozart in today's era. His parent's seemed to have a certain amount of societal weight. His father, Leopold Mozart, was himself an accomplished musician and composer. This is where Wolfgang had been blessed with his abilities and talent. His mother, Anna Maria Pertl, was a daughter of an official at Sankt Gilgen (caltech).
             This wonderful, ingenuous, truly gifted and talented man had music ingrained into every fiber of his existence. As a young, boy at the tender ages of seven years to ten years, he was performing in king's courts. What pride his father must have felt to witness these performances for King Louis XV and King George III (Wolfgang). This was quite an accomplishment by today's standards, much less back then. This child, a prodigy if you will, had also composed many of his very own "fingerprinted" works.
             This prepubescent child had started a long impressive list of enjoyable pieces. It is a sorrowful thought to know of his early death. The world must have stopped then in 1791 due to his untimely demise at the age of thirty-five (Wolfgang, A Mozart Timeline, Sherrane).
             While Wolfgang's stay on this plush, green earth was short visited, he had compiled a vast array of works. This is not surprising since he first started playing at the tender age of three on the clavier (A Mozart Timeline). His works, true as they are, seem to have some contradictory numbers. Today the debate continues as to exactly how many different ones there are. .
             • 41 Symphonies (Kinderman).
             o 50+ symphonies (A Mozart Timeline).
             • 27 Piano concertos (Kinderman).

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