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Persuasive rock

             Rock music can be a positive influence on young people. There are many different bands that contribute to the rock category, whether they be heavy rock like Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down, and Disturbed or rather typical modern rock bands as Sum 41, New found Glory, and Good Charlotte. Rock music is sometimes thought of as a bad influence on the youth. It is often seen as just a bunch of noise. However, it does not need to have explicit lyrics or excessive noise to be considered rock. .
             Rock music is commonly judged by what people have seen from a small minority of rock's diverse reach. The majority of parents and other adults are especially quick to pick out these small examples. They assume from what they have observed, that rock is negatively influential on Adolescents. However, not all rock has bad attributes associated with it. There are many different kinds of good, positively influential rock to listen to, not excluding any type of rock like Christian or Heavy for that matter. And from intelli-tunes studies show that school students that listen to music have higher grades than students deprived of music. Therefore it is wrong to judge rock music by what floats on the surface.
             Rock music is much more than a bunch of noise. As simple as rock music may seem to anyone, it is much more than the strumming of a few guitars and the clanging of a few cymbals. I myself have been playing drums for quite a while, and should know that .
             It takes much concentration to produce a consistent, good sounding piece of music. There are two parts to the music, the notes and the beat. The guitarist and the lead singer are responsible for playing or singing out the notes. And the drummer is responsible for giving the song a background and holding the songs" beat together, which is crucial. Rock music is quite complicated.
             Explicit lyrics and excessive screaming are not necessarily needed for a song to be considered rock music.

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