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Things Fall Apart - Camera Angles

             In the creation of our script, we included various angle shots to work with for the scenes we were creating. However, during the actual creation of the movie, we found that different angle shots were more effective than those of the ones that we intended to use. .
             The shots that we had of Okonkwo, the main character, we concentrated on low angles and close-ups. We thought that these angles would be effective in portraying the large, powerful man that he played. During one of the scenes, we had over the shoulder shots of the characters Okonkwo and Merico. We felt that this technique was a good way for the viewer to see the expressions on the face of the characters more clearly. The viewer was able to see a close-up of the fear in Merico's face and the anger exposed on Okonkwo's face. Another scene that we found we cleverly shot was the shot of the face in the closet. The camera slowly zoomed into a face that could be scarcely seen in the eyes of the characters, hiding in the closet, then just before one of the characters opened the door, the camera zoomed out and the face disappeared. We thought this shot created suspense and a little curiosity for the viewer. Overall, the camera shots and angles were taken in medium shots and close-ups. .
             The lighting of the movie was not really one of the elements that we concentrated on. However, when shooting the forest scenes, we chose the middle of the day to shoot them so that the sun would still be out and it would somewhat look like the midday in the forests of Africa. We tried to be consistent in the time when we shot the movie so that one scene would not drastically change in light which scene was supposed to be taken in. For the scene in the church, we chose to have the lights dimmed and candles lit so that the room looked as though you were in a church. The classroom scene, we chose to have a well-lighted room so that the atmosphere would be bright and would depict the bright lighting in a classroom.

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