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Mississippi river levee basin

             On a gloomy Sunday afternoon in February I decided to take a relaxing walk along the Mississippi River Levee. My attempts to make the journey on the two previous days were thwarted by lots of rain and cold weather. I brought along a companion on my walk to help me catch that which I have missed along the way, and it proved to be a good idea because there was a lot to see and discuss. Although this is New Orleans" tallest landform it really doesn't seem like all that much when you have climbed mountains in the Adirondack's or skydived in Mississippi. Although the levee is not the most aesthetically pleasing sight there is to see in New Orleans, its function plays a vital role in the lives of its residents as well as people around the world. .
             I decided to start my expedition around Audubon Park, mainly because it's the only part of the levee where I knew how to get to without getting lost on my way, but also because it is a hang out spot for many college kids as well as families. In my opinion this area is the most visually pleasing spot along the five mile hike and for good reasons. There is a big grassy knoll where people can lounge and hang out while they eat, drink, and enjoy some recreational activities. An overhang covers one part of the levee under which are barbeques and concrete to play basketball or just hang out. It is a truly urbanized area that citizens have taken over and use for recreation as well as pleasure. There is a good variety of people all enjoying an escape from the congestion of the busy city. A lot of trees cover the surrounding area so you can sit down on the grass and look out at the levee and watch barges go by or under a tree for some shade from the heat. A great activity, which I have to admit I have partaken in, along this stretch, is a game in which we call barge golf. What this game entails is hitting a golf ball as far as you can in an attempt hit one of the barges.

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