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Rodriguez and Freire

            It is interesting to compare how the two authors Rodriguez and Freire looked at the educational system differently. Yet, at the same time, there are some commonalities that overlap and support each others theory or views.
             Consider the following quote by Rodriguez. "The scholarship boy is a very bad student. He is the great mimic; a collector of thoughts, not a thinker" the very last person in class who ever feels obliged to have an opinion of his own." This supports Freire's idea of "the banking concept of education". This seems quite contradictory as Rodriguez always favored the consumption of educational information; therefore one would assume that there would not be any negative feedback in regards to the educational process. Rodriguez admits that even though he has an addiction to learning he was also weak at creating and inventing his own ideas, as he allowed himself to be filled "with the contents of narration". Friere is evidently proven to be correct according to Rodriguez's own words. .
             There is also a contradiction within this analysis, as it took Rodriguez years of education and learning to come to this realization; therefore this demonstrates that in the end he was not just a container to be filled. Evidently, in the end he did more than just allow himself to extend further than just "receiving, filing, and storing the deposits." This is contradictory to Freire as Rodriguez has adopted his own views or he would not be able to analyze his learning process in a negative light, as he originally only saw education as positive. It is interesting that throughout his years he learned to look at learning with a new perspective in mind and realize that the way one learns is sometimes as important as what one learns. .

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