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            Stop! Look around you! Take a moment to open your eyes and realize that you should not take life for granted. Be thankful that you are still alive. Before you finish reading this research paper, "5 out of 100,000 teenagers will choose suicide an in an hour and forty-five minutes another person committed suicide" (Teenage Suicide Statistics").
             "In most cultures and in most periods of history the attitudes to suicide has had something in common with that to homicide: both are dreaded and forbidden" (Lukas and Seiden 3). According to Suicide Statistics approximately 30,000 people in the United States commit suicide each ear. Suicide is most likely to occur when they are unhappy and are not satisfied with their lives. It is the third leading cause of death. But the question remains. Why do "each year, thousands of children die by their own hands" ("Teenage Suicide Statistics")? Why do they have to leave us wondering why, when they had their whole lives ahead of them?.
             There are many reasons why teenagers commit suicide, yet there is no real reason as to why they do it and there is "no one to blame for his or her misery" (Lester 82). When their emotional become to hard to handle "they don't necessarily want to die-they want to end the pain" ("Suicidal Prevention"). The idea of suicide is what runs through their mind. This gives them a sense of feeling that things will not get better. It makes them think that suicide is a feasible solution. It is very difficult to understand and explain why many teenagers end their lives. Lack of perspective, low self-esteem, trouble, alcohol or drug abuse, loss of a friend or family member, and perfectionism are some of the many reasons why teenagers end their lives.
             Firstly, teenagers end their lives due to lack of perspective. Many teenagers who lack perspective, lack the mental view of facts, ideas and their interrelationship with others. These teenagers think and feel that things will not get better fro them and they will have to live a life that will not make them happy.

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