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Comparison of the Arts

            I will be discussing 2 abstract pieces that are on display at the university art gallery. The gallery is privately funded and receives no funds from the university to stay in existence. This show exhibits pieces that list prices for each of them, and this is the first time this information was listed on the artist's card. The Pieces were donated by the artists affiliated with the gallery to raise funds for the gallery. Each piece was submitted anonymously and the artists were asked to pick a medium that was not there usual medium. The 2 that I chose were Earth on Fire Quilt by Traveler, and Number 13 by Sidney Moncrief. I will provide a formal analysis, and my likes and dislikes about the 2 pieces I viewed. .
             First, Earth on Fire Quilt had good use of lines. The photos captured the lines of the sediment and the barriers between the water and the sediments. The flowing of these lines linked each of the photos together and drew the attention of the viewer towards the center of the piece. The lines created by the placement of each photo created a uniform sense when viewed up-close but were not clearly visible from afar creating a perspective of unity. .
             The colors of blue, brown, yellow, red, orange, and green created the intensity with in the piece. The contrast of the primary colors and the secondary colors created a color value that was apparent both up-close and from afar. .
             The artist was able to create implied texture with the photos. Even though the illusion of a smooth surface was apparent because of the lamination, the implied texture from the sediment created a delight visually. .
             The actual shape of the piece was rectangular and approximately 5 hands high and 7 hands in length. It implies circular shapes and spirals with in the individual photos. .
             I liked the concept that the artist created. My perception of a quilt is that of an object that keeps you warm and protected.

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