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AP Hostory :: American Involvement in Vietnam

            Throughout the history, the United States has many times over proven its effectiveness in conflict all around the world. Possibly one of the worst wounds it has succumbed, the Vietnam conflict dug deep into America as a whole changing everything from the economy to the strategies presidents relied on for taking actions. A few years after Lyndon Baines Johnson took presidency in 1964, the conflict in Vietnam became know to most Americans. Politically this was when the United States evolvement became known, and the economy proved this by jumping forward with war productions. This has been a key factor in the history of the U.S. Its uncanny ability to jump from peacetime to wartime productions cannot be matched, nor its ability to jump headfirst into a war which in this case proved to be ill fated. .
             In March of 1965 a group of Viet Cong guerillas attacked a U.S. Air Force base in South Vietnam. In retaliation a massive air strike was launched against military installations in North Vietnam, this forced America all the deeper into the conflict which would prove to be greater than they capable of handling. The retaliation strike was labeled "Operation Rolling Thunder", which lived up to its name consisting of full fledged bombing runs on North Vietnam. These runs later became more limited and ground involvement moved the conflict into millions of homes across the United States. This in turn made the war a problem that trouble families and effected everyday living and the aspects associated with it. To most before ground involvement the war had been a thing in the news, but now it became a heart felt issue.
             American economy was bustling with the wartime productions going to Vietnam, but there was a problem with this; the more bombs America sent to Vietnam to be dropped the more other countries of the world looked to the U.S. with distaste and with increasing hostility. Not only did these countries begin to expel the U.

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