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The Power of Sexuality

            Sexuality is a powerful emotion that shapes the way many people live their lives. For centuries, the subject of modern sexuality has caused controversial issues among society, but the concept has been influencing the world since the ancient Greeks. The reason for much consideration of the Greeks is because they have always been viewed as a model for civilization. In ancient Greece, the man wore the pants and the women were hidden in the kitchen. It was a fact of life. .
             After the ancient Greeks, sexuality continued to shape society. The role between men and women started to change. The sexual revolution of the 1960s brought a shift in power. Male dominance would no longer be tolerated in society. The shift in power from male to female was partly due to the emergence of the Women's Liberation Movement. Women began to inflict their opinions of gender equality. They believed that women should be heard and take an active role in society. Women activists also believed that women could do anything that a man could do. Camille Paglia explains that the women of the "sixties generation were the first respectable girls in history to swear like sailors, stay out all night-in short, to act like men.".
             The views that were presented during the 1960s drastically changed the concept of sexuality from what it meant before the 1960s and what it means now. Today, sexuality deals with the emotions and power of individuals in relation to other individuals. Sexuality is so impacting that it affects the perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of many people. .
             Often, ideas and situations involving sexuality are depicted in literature and drama. For example, the movie Thelma and Louise tells the story of how sexuality between male and female controls the emotional health of individuals. The characters Thelma and Louise have many bad experiences with men including rape, abuse, and murder. After these experiences, Thelma and Louise have a different perception of men; they see men as beasts.

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