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            Both T-Mac and Kobe are considered to be the NBA's best players. But in my opinion T-Mac is much better than Kobe. T-Mac had carried the Orlando Magic to the playoffs for the second year in a row despite his problems with his back injuries. This season it seems like he will end up being a leader for Magic in points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks and field goal percentage. T-Mac is 6-8; he towers over most shooting guards. He also has the speed to get by any forward that may try to stop him. With his explosive dunks and smooth jumper, he is the league's best scorer with 32 points per game. (This year I think they might go to the Finals if Grant Hill and Gooden will be back fresh on the team). Meanwhile Shaq also dominates the Lakers. Kobe has Shaq to free him up (Double or Triple Team). Lakers have three rings because of the wonderful teamwork performed by Kobe and Shaq. Some people would think Kobe is better because of this, but without Shaq Kobe might not be able to lead the Lakers. T-Mac is a team player and plays his game within the offense. Kobe has the advantage of having Shaq to back him up whenever he gets beat, so that makes him look good. Kobe is a little too selfish. He often forces himself to score more than 40 points, and makes his teammates look so bad. Look at Kobe these days he is scoring inconsistently. What on earth is 14 points against the Sonics? Has T-Mac ever scored 14 point points? I don't think so. T-Mac in the otherhand scores for himself but also passes to his teammates. He draws the double-team and passes to his teammates for an open shot. In my opinion, Kobe was probably jealous of McGrady's scoring in Orlando Magic which forced him to take that many shots. Magic also should have won against the Lakers 2-0 in this season. The 2nd game between the Lakers and Magic was really ridiculous. McGrady appeared to suffer the injury when he took an elbow to the back from Los Angeles' Kobe Bryant.

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