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Haydn and "The Absent Minded Lover"

             Colin Dean "The Absent Minded Writer".
             Haydn wrote the incidental music for the theatrical production Il Distratto during his servitude to the Esterhazy family. While the musical careers were beginning to be made among the middle class many composers still relied on the support of a patron to make a living. A late baroque composer's incentive for composing, however growing to personal drive, still depended on the happiness of his provider. Haydn had a good relationship with the Esterhazy family and would compose towards their interests as well as his own.
             Much of Haydn's innovation comes from his isolation for parts of the year. Prince Nikolas built a summer home called Esterhaza which rivaled the magnificence of the original Esterhazy manor Eisenstadt. Prince Nikolas convinced himself to build a palace in a murky area near a lake that eventually made for costly construction. However once finished, Nikolas made sure to fill this vacation place with statues and fine works of art. Over the few years after its construction Haydn noticed prince Nikolas spending greater amounts of time at this vacation home. Luckily the Esterhaza had wonderful performing facilities as well the best of performers. Haydn was able to create new compositional ideas and have the facilities to perform them.
             The play Il Distratto, or the "absent minded lover," was written by Jean-Francios Regnard in the Early eighteenth century. The plot concerns the youth of Paris and the crazy situations they encounter. There is contemporary political commentary often disguised as light humor. Haydn took theatrical aspects, some standardized and practical, and some innovative, and worked them in to his incidental music. It was this music that was the basis for his Symphony #60. The first movement (Adagio) is thought to have been the overture for the production. .
             Haydn scored the #60 is a similar manner of most of his symphonies because of the performers provided.

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