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Bowling for columbine

             There are about 11000 gun deaths every year in the United States. This compares to about a 150 gun deaths in each of the other major countries and states around the world, most of them have got even less then 150 deaths due to gunshots annually. It doesn't take too much of a brain to realize these numbers are astonishing and it certainly is a good topic for a shocking documentary. That must have been the same thought that Michael Moore had when he started his latest documentary "bowling for Columbine-.
             One of the most shocking things that are shown in the film, is the story about the six year old boy who shot a six year old girl. They got evicted from their appartement because they couldn't pay for the rent and so they moved in with an uncle of the boy. His mother had to leave very early for work every day so she wasn't there in the morning to look after her child. One day the boy found the gun that his irresponsble uncle had left lying around the house. The boy took the gun to school and shot a little girl from his class. .
             It tells, and at the same time disturbs me, how easy it is to get a gun in the united states if even a six year old can find it, bring it to school en kill someone with it. According to me the American governement is just too lax and to tolerant about the distribution of weapons, but now it has come too far to do something about the dealing of those firearms. I think the only possible sollution to decrease the number of deaths every year is to limit the selling of bullets.
             The film may seem tragic to you when you read what I wrote above, but that is not at all true. On the contrary, the movie deals with a problem of the american society that is so big that it is impossible to get a grip on it, but Michael Moore dressed it so funny and hillarious that "bowling for columbine- has become the most entertaining documentary I have ever seen. .
             Though I would not define the movie as a documentary in the correct meaning of the word.

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