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             Shortly after becoming the first black student to receive a doctorate from Harvard University, Du Bois began earning his title as the father of American sociology. His first work The Philadelphia Negro was constructed from several interviews he had conducted. In 1903 The Souls of Black Folk became another work published attempting to examine the cultural and political psychology of the African American Diaspora. Du Bois" strong political views and indifferences on obtaining full equality for Blacks often led to him bumping heads with Booker T Washington. Their disagreements were mostly stimulated over the accommodation of slavery and educational philosophies. As a co-founder of the Niagara Movement as well as the NAACP, W.E.B Du Bois cemented his name into Civil Rights Movement history. .
             The second phase, The Crisis and the New Negro, is headlined with Du Bois" newly found focus in journalism. As creator and editor of the NAACP's magazine The Crisis, Du Bois causes quite a stir as the magazine became the most influential publication of its kind at the time. With this publication he was now able to focus on propaganda and spread his views to a much broader audience. The magazine was also instrumental in the Harlem Renaissance as it was able to create awareness and celebrate the beautifulness of the African-American culture. .
             Du Bois also noted for his interest in Pan-Africanism, organizes the first international congresses of leaders from Africa. Shortly after the Great Depression Du Bois" radical views greatly differ from those of his colleagues which in turn causes his dismissal from editor of The Crisis. Black Reconstruction in America, another astounding work of Du Bois published during this time, depicted important roles played by African-Americans during the 1930's.
             There was a growing opposition to Du Bois" views. Du Bois suddenly had an increased interest in Africa.

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