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The Atomic Bomb

             History of the Atomic Bomb.
             A. When the bomb was made.
             B. Why the bomb was made.
             C. How the bomb was made.
             II. .Composition and Capabilities of the Bomb.
             A. How U-235 is used in the bomb.
             B. How U-238 is used in the bomb.
             C. How Pu-239 is used in the bomb.
             D. Capabilities of the bomb .
             III. Testing and Bombing .
             A. First test of the Atomic Bomb(Trinity).
             B. The bombing of Hiroshima andNagasaki.
             C Consequences of the Atomic Bomb.
             IV. Conclusion.
             V. Bibliography.
             The Atomic Bomb.
             The atomic bomb was a great advance in science, that also became known as one of the most deadly and destructive weapons of all time. A weapon that the world may not have been ready for.
             On August 2, 1939, just before WW2, Albert Einstein wrote to the President of the United States informing him of news that would change the field of science and warfare forever. He and others informed President Roosevelt that there were efforts in Nazi Germany to purify Uranium - 235 (U - 235), which could possibly end up being used in the construction of the world's first atomic bomb. Shortly following this news, the United States began what came to be known as the Manhattan Project, a project committed to the research and production of an atomic bomb(Documentation 2).

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