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Journey To A Magical Underwater World

            Journey to a Magical Underwater World.
             "It's just impossible sir, no sub could take that much pressure.
             "I came to you because you"re the best. Are you going to live up to your reputation?".
             The engineer looked apprehensive. His eyes held the memory of a hundred expeditions like this one, all of which failed.
             "Okay. I"ll do it. I"m not making any promises though.".
             The captain breathed a sigh of relief.
             "How long will it take?", he asked. The engineer looked stern, and sounded the same.
             "I can promise you, it won't be soon. The entire sub should be ready in about ten months.".
             The captain then left the engineer to his work, and held within himself a confidence that he might succeed in his attempt to find the lost world of Atlantis.
             James Thomas, or "The Captain" as he is better known, was born in Alabama in 1979. He excelled in the study of science, especially biology. He also had a unique imagination. From the very first time that he saw the sea, he knew that their destinies would be entwined. He extensively researched the myths of Atlantis, and found uncanny similarities between landscapes described in the myths, and landscapes on the coast of Mexico. He had already failed in one attempt to fine Atlantis and refused to do so again. He now believed the city to be in a great abyss which was previously undiscovered.
             After ten months of sleepless nights and unrelenting work, the captain was finally ready to set off. He had handpicked a crew made up of the best of the best in their respective fields. This was easily the most elaborate expedition of this kind ever undertaken.
             On the fourteenth day of July, the crew steamed out to the coast of Mexico from an obscure port named La la puluza. The mother vessel came to a halt about two miles out at sea. A skeleton crew of four men, including the captain, separated with an ominous "clunk" from the hull of the ship in their agile submarine. The sub was equipped with sixteen inch thick steel walls, a viewing hole of the same thickness, but three feet wide, and apart from the controls, a state-of-the-art sonar device.

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