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What writing means to me

            Websters dictionary defines an essay as "a short literary composition on a particular theme or subject. I define an essay as a way to express your ideas, thoughts and a way of being creative. Having almost no writing skills this would be my feelings of an essay.
             Being faced with the task of writing and essay brings me back to my younger years and the feelings of near panic when asked to do a writing assignment.Would I choose this class as an elective? Probably not! As a prerequisite I am not so set in my ways as to think or feel that I can't benefit from this class.
             Some people say that I have the gift for gab. In small groups I am confident and reassured when speaking. I know when you are speaking people have the choice whether to listen or not as apposed writing you get a hundred percent of your readers attention. When it comes to putting it on paper though I don't really understand my fear when typically I do not have an audience.
             When learning of this assignment I turned to my mother for her ideas. Writing is something that comes very natural for her. She can write a whole story on one tiny idea. Writing gives her freedom to address and pull on thoughts where as speaking makes her stumble. This asset is obviously something I didn't get from her.
             Writing has never been my thing. I can write a letter to my family and friends without a problem.I can even write a wonderful Resume'.But, When it comes to writing a story for a class assigment I totally freeze.
             What I am hoping to learn from this class is useful techniques to help me lesson my stress of wrting. Possibly making writing more enjoyable for me. As I become a nurse I am going to be writing alot of reports for patients and I do not want it to be a hardship for me. Hopefully this class will even help me extend my vocabulary in my writing.

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