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Religous upbringing

            Religious Upbringing Helping Belief in god.
             Agnosticism means not being sure whether god exists .
             Religious Upbringing can lead someone to believe in god because they have been taught to believe of god from the beginning of their life. They will be taken to worship with their parents every Sunday, taught to pray every day to god, they will be expected to respect thank and remember the good gifts god has given them at Easter the gift of new life, at Christmas the birth of the saviour Jesus Christ and many others such as advent and lent. They are also likely of going to Sunday school where everyone believes in god and so they are expected to believe in god. So with an upbringing like this they will definitely believe god without even questioning whether god exists or not. Some people think that children should not be allowed to make their own decisions about whether to believe in god because they are not old enough to know what they want yet. They need information about god first before they can make decisions about whether or not they believe.They"re parents were brought up as Christians so they want their children to be brought up as Christians without any other views to manpulate what they have said. However I think tat a child should be able to make their decision about belief in god when they get to a certain age maybe 12+ as they will hear other information from school, any attended youth clubs and other people in their neighbourhood and enviroment. Achild ahs its own views and say and they are brought up to open minded therefore meaning that they should be able to believe in what ever they wan to believe. In the end I think that a child should be able to make their own decision about whether to believe in god because schools are a multireligion enviroment and they will get different views off of other people. .

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