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            Suicide is the leading cause of teenage deaths in the past years. Teen suicide is often caused by biological problems within the chemicals inside the body. Many people who have eating disorders may have a history or family history of depression. Most depressed people can appear to be perfectly normal. They can be happy the whole day, but when they get home, they feel very down, and depressed. Depression is a horrible experience to live for, and when it leads to thoughts and actions of suicide, it is the worst thing possible. It eats away at you until you can't stand it anymore. Teenage girls attempt suicide more than boys, but do not follow through with it. But more boys die from suicide than girls.
             If I saw that or felt that a friend was depressed. I would first try to see what was making them feel that way. If they told me, I would try to change it as best as I could. I would be there for them, and talk to them and attempt to make them happy. But if the situation arose where I couldn't help any further, I would tell an adult. .
             Depression can be a very scary thing to go through. It can be a total hell. One day you could be fine and think everything is over, and the next day, or even that night, you could be down again. Depression is weird, and works against you. There are many things to solve it though. There are medications, psychiatrists, rehab, and organizations such as "Friends". The video touched on a lot of things that happen while you are depressed. Many teenagers suffer from depression. Some, don't last through it, but for those who did, they are happy they lasted through it. And its very unfortunate that some didn't, and don't last through depression, and turn to suicide as a way out. .

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