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A Clockwork Orange - Watch a Science Fiction and write an an

            A Clockwork Orange - Watch a Science Fiction and write an analysis of it, looking at: .
             • Inspired/based on our society.
             • Possible under right circumstances.
             • Stimulating and thought and provoking.
             • Protagonist is an idea rather than a person.
             The setting in "A Clockwork Orange" does not fit in with the conventions of a normal sci-fi film. The film takes place in futuristic London where crime runs rampant on the street. The locations for the film were the family home, a bar, prison, medical centre, and hospital as well as the houses of the victims. These are not typical of the sci-fi genre. The only location that represents a sci-fi element is the medical centre. However the fact that it is set in the future does provide a science fiction feel. .
             There are many different themes in the film. The main themes are whether humans have the right to play God, taking away a person's freewill, gang warfare and justice and how it is dispersed. These themes again are not typical of the sci-fi genre. But the right to play God is a key science question and one that appears in many sci-fi films.
             The film is based around the plight of one main character, Alex. This character narrates throughout the whole film and we see everything from his point of view. The other main characters in the film are Alex's "gang" members, his parents, his victims, the police officer, doctors and the minister. All of these characters can be seen in every day life, which is not what you may expect of a sci-fi film. There are no fantasy characters, but it is the situations they are placed in that create the science.
             The only prop that has a scientific effect is the device they use to clamp Alex while they make him watch the film clips. The other props in the film such as Alex's cane that turned into a knife, their masks and their costumes seem more typical to a horror film.
             The normal technical conventions for a sci-fi film are long shots, CGI and SFX.

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