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Importance of Recycling

             Just about everyone knows our environment is in danger. One of the most serious threats is the massive amount of waste we put into the air, water, and ground every year. All across the United States and around the world are thousands of places that have been, and continue to be, polluted by toxic waste, radioactive waste and just plain garbage. It is imperative that we are aware of all the things that we can do to help our environment by diminishing the amount of trash and garbage that we produce each year. One easy way of doing that is by a method called recycling. Many might not know the importance of recycling and what it can do to our environment. But let me tell you this, if we continue to throw trash in our landfills and don’t recycle many of the items that can be recycled then sooner or later we wont be living in a healthy society. This is why I strongly believe in the contribution of all of us to recycle and save our environment. .
             Well, If recycling is so important then why should we recycle? Recycling benefits communities by creating more jobs than burying or burning wastes. Recycling one million tons of solid waste in the United States requires about 1,800 workers, compared to 600 workers for land filling these wastes and only 80 jobs for incinerating them. .
             Since the environment is suffering from our waste and the things that we do to it such as polluting our waters and depleting our forests then it is our responsibility to take some action. There are two types of recycling for materials such as glass metals, paper and plastic: primary and secondary. The most desirable type is primary recycling, in which wastes discarded by consumers are recycled to produce new products of the same type. A still useful but less desirable type is secondary recycling, in which wastes materials are converted into different products. Primary recycling reduces the amount of virgin materials in a product by 20-90% whereas secondary recycling reduces virgin material by only 25%.

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