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How Web Browsers Work

             Whenever the internet is used, whoever uses it is using a web browser. But what is a web browser? A web browser is a client program used to access and display documents from the World Wide Web (itep, 2003). The World Wide Web, or the Web for short, is a world full of information available at the click of a mouse. All that is needed to use it is an internet connection, a Web browser like Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator and most importantly a computer to use it all. When the Web browser is running it basically finds then displays the page that is trying to be accessed. The basic function of the Web browser is to interpret the programming language that is being used; usually Hypertext Markup Language or HTML for short, and that is being displayed on the computer screen (public.web.cern.ch, 2003). HTML is the main programming code that is used to create the basic outlay and core of a Web page (itep, 2003). There are many different Web browsers available but the two most widely used are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator (learnthenet, 2003). They are both available for download at their respected company's website. Microsoft Internet Explorer is a graphical type web browser which allows the user to access and experience many of the hypertexts, photographs, sound, video, and such that are available all over the Web. Internet Explorer utilizes the "point-and-click technology" to allow for easy selection of hypertext links and uses drop-down and toolbar buttons to navigate through the vast Internet (phdsystems, 2003). All Web browsers are capable of doing the basic tasks of finding and loading Web pages from the Internet and displaying the pages following HTML standards and conventions. Each Web browser is unique as is there are enough freedoms in HTML and the Web standards in general (cs.wayne.edu, 2003). Though there are many similarities with each Web browser there is enough difference that each browser has requirements or features that should be kept in mind while creating a Web document (cs.

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