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The Woman of Brewster Place

             The Women of Brewster Place written by Gloria Naylor is a novel weaving together the truths of black women living in Brewster Place. Three women in this novel are forced or want to live in Brewster Place due to significant events in their lives. Mattie Michael, Kiswana Browne, and Lucielia Louise Turner are these three women.
             Mattie Michael is a young woman who struggles to live her life in peace and happiness. Her mother and father love her dearly but are very over protective. Mattie's pregnant. When her parents find out about the baby and that the father isn't who they think it is, her father becomes enraged. "Mattie knew there were no words for this, and even if there were, this disappointed and furious old man would never understand." Mattie and her yet to be born son, Basil leave with a strong image of her father in search of a new place to live. Eva, an old woman, invites Mattie to stay and rest up with her son. This is where Mattie stays for 30 years, eventually buying the house after Eva's death. Mattie devotes her life to bringing up her son. He is her whole life. Just liker father, Mattie is very over protective. She wants the best for her son. Basil relies on his mom. He runs to her when he is in trouble. In the end he never learns to be independent and take responsibility for his actions. He never learns to care about other people as much as himself. In the end Mattie loses not only her home, but also her son. .
             Kiswana Browne is a woman with goals. Her main goal is to help her fellow people. Kiswana comes from a middle class black family. She wasn't forced to live on Brewster Place; she chose to live in a poor black community. Of the many African Americans living there, Kiswana is considered the daydreamer. Any animal, object, or person will set her off on a fantasy. During one of Kiswana's fantasies, she spots her mother, Mrs. Browne. At that very moment, Kiswana takes a look at her shabby apartment and gives it a quick cleanup.

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