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A Modest Proposal with reguards to Imperialism

             Many essays have been written discussing the controversial topic of Imperialism. Imperialism by definition is a country's expansion of their culture and beliefs to smaller countries they have conquered. Countries attempt to do this through their domination of a territory, in which they force their way of life onto the natives of the land. In the 1700's and 1800's the British Empire had expanded throughout the world. Two countries affected by the British Empire were India and Ireland. Many people exposed to the imperialistic ways of Great Britain wrote essays exposing their opinions on the situation. When a person makes their opinion on the subject public, most of the time is in the manner of which the reader must ask; why exactly did this person say this, and what was their purpose? Some essays have been written just to render an authors opinion, while others have had a serious purpose like enlightening the audience to benefits or problems with imperialism. .
             Two important essays about imperialism were composed by George Orwell and Jonathan Swift. Orwell and Swift took two totally different approaches in an attempt to convey their messages on the subject. In "Shooting an Elephant" George Orwell writes a symbolic narrative that represents his feelings of the imperialistic government of Great Britain. Jonathan Swift approaches his writing "A Modest Proposal" in a satirical manner, but besides the satire Swift approaches his essay in a professional manner. .
             George Orwell wrote a great essay, using his first-person view, which can grab a reader's attention and keep it throughout the entire piece. After a thorough analysis of "Shooting an Elephant" one can see Orwell is writing this essay to express his feelings on being a middle man. Orwell works for the Imperial British government, and though he does not agree with their actions he is forced to impose their wishes on the people of Burma.

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