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To what extent is money the root of all evil

            To What Extent Is The Love Of Money The Root Of All-Evil?.
             To what extent is the love of money the root of all-evil? Below are my reasons explaining this question.
             First, a clear distinction has to be made between THE LOVE of money and money itself. In addition to this God is not anti-money, or anti-wealth, He is anti-money WORSHIP. .
             I feel that the greed of money makes it evil as a person always wants more and more, consequently there is never enough materialistic properties that person wants.
             There is story I have heard and it starts simply with a King. This king was very rich but he stumbled upon a mysterious man. This man granted him one wish, and the King could have anything he wanted. Being greedy the King wished that everything he touches will turn to gold. The strange man granted him this and the King returned to his palace. He tested his new power and was very pleased with it. The next morning he had a problem. He could not eat anything without it turning to gold, he tried wearing gloves but it still did not work. Therefore, he went to seek his son's advice but as soon as he touched his shoulder to grab his attention, he also turned to gold.
             This story illustrates this point well as the King who wanted all the riches lost his son in the process. In addition to that, even with huge amounts of money he still would not be able to buy back his son. .
             There is also fear, of not having money. .
             Imagine yourself in this position; you are a working class man. It is coming up towards Christmas and you have not bought your children's Christmas gifts. .
             You worry about this, as you do not have the income to support it. .
             This problem appears everywhere and thus the reason why people are afraid of life without money. .
             Others use money, to change the impressions or feelings of others. Sometimes it is even used when lying or to bribe someone:.
             Years ago, cricket's officials were bribed to give biased decisions, the officials and players were convicted and the player was banned from cricket.

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