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            The 20th Century has brought us many miracles with the use of modern day medicines, but I"m here to show you that medicine is not always the cure for every problem and in some cases can even be damaging.
             I"m doing my speech on a drug that is being abused and over-prescribed! Ritalin is the drug I am referring to. As I was looking for information on this topic I came across an interesting Headline. " Boy apparently dies from long-term Ritalin use". One afternoon Mathew Smith, who had been taking Ritalin for 10 years, collapsed while playing with his skateboard. It was March 21st when he was pronounced dead just a short time after he had collapsed in front of his house. Mathew Smith was only 14 years old when he died, and if you do the math, since he had been taking Ritalin for 10 years, he was 4 years old when first prescribed this medicine. Medical Examiner Ljubisa Dragovic concluded that Mathew had a heart attack due to the long-term use of Ritalin. .
             Ritalin is a medicine, which is prescribed for Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADD/ADHD. Most think that Ritalin is just another medication to help rid the illness that some people have. But Ritalin has many negative sides to it. Under "Concerns of Ritalin I found that according to the united States Drug Enforcement Agency, Ritalin is a Class II drug. Other drugs under the Class II Drug category include cocaine and methamphetamine. In fact Ritalin has been known to be called a close cousin to speed. .
             Also Ritalin has side effects that are not only uncomfortable for the patient but can be seriously dangerous. These side effects include insomnia, nausea, nervousness, drowsiness, headache, to unusual behavior and confusion. It can make the patient suicidal, violent, and is highly addictive. Ritalin can cause irregular or fast heartbeat, chest pains, very high blood pressure, blurred vision, getting very flushed, unusual bleeding and bruising, and sever fatigue.

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