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Spoon River Anthology Review

             The book Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters depicts many different aspects of life through poems written by the inhabitants of the town Spoon River. Spoon River is a fictitious town in early America. What is special about this town is that all of the people in it are dead and they tell their stories from the grave. The stories of the town show how you should live your life, all of the way from religion to work habits and to love. The book Spoon River Anthology most accurately and clearly depicts the trials and tribulations and pointlessness of love. Spoon River Anthology tells its tales of life but the most important is how unforgiving love is.
             Love is unforgiving in that it will betray you; it will hurt you and those around you more than anything else. In some cases you could find the love of your life only to also find that they do not return the love. The strongest example of this comes from Herbert Marshal's love situation with a woman named Louise. He states, "That one can be happy only where there are two;/ And that our hearts are drawn to stars/ Which want us not ("Herbert Marshal" 12-14)." He is very plainly stating that in life, you can be happy if you are not alone but the ones that you want and love do not want you. He is saying this due to Louise, a woman that loved him with everything she had which turned into hate when he rejected her for the woman he loved. So, in the end love can leave you bitter, even towards the one you love. Second to Herbert's is the story of Searcy Foote to show how hurtful love can be to you and those around. In his life, Searcy was not well off doing odd jobs for the locals wanting to go off to college. He also had a love, named Delia Pricket, which he could not marry due to his financial status. He did however have a very wealthy aunt that he could work for to get some money. Searcy did work for her until the opportunity presented itself one day during a work break.

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