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Descriptions of Eleanor

            Abbot Suger had many positive thoughts of Eleanor. He thought of Eleanor as a beautiful woman. Indecisiveness usually wears someone out, but Eleanor was strong and open- minded. He thinks of Eleanor as a bossy person since she always had it her way. Eleanor is somewhat kind, but she knows nothing of fair play; she needs to learn about justice. Abbot Suger believes that she will learn since she is very bright.
             Mother Matilda, or Matilda Empress, had many things to describe about Eleanor. Mother Matilda, too, thought of Eleanor as a beautiful woman. As Eleanor rides her horse, she can see the fresh air bringing color to her face. She thinks Eleanor's color were no match for her age. Mother Matilda saw her as an experienced and controlling person because she does what she wants and knows what to do, even at a tight spot. Henry put Eleanor in charge of the lands that he could not directly supervise. Mother Matilda and Eleanor had no great love for each other, but they had respect for each other. She admired Eleanor's efficiency and her willingness to learn. Eleanor was energetic at most times. Discomfort, bad weather, and pregnancy did not stop her from doing what she wants.
             William the Marshal thought of Eleanor as a kind and generous person. When William was captured by the lords of Aquitaine, Eleanor herself paid his ransom. As a reward for his bravery, Eleanor appointed him as the knight- at- arms for the children. He thought of her as a hostess because she was hospitable to others and made them feel welcome. Eleanor was clam and controlled, even when it is with her children.
             Eleanor's description of herself was just the same as Abbot Suger, Mother Matilda, and William the Marshal's point of view. She thought of herself as kind, generous, and caring. Eleanor made a uniform system of coins to be used throughout the country. That made everyone but the money changers very happy. Eleanor expected the people to take pride in a town they call their own, and she gave them their freedom for a price.

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