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Acid Rain Lab

             Acid Rain is a term you have probably read in newspaper headlines or heard on television news. You may be surprised to discover that the pure water you drink, the clean air you breathe, and the places that are most special to you, wildness areas or city parks, may be threatened by acid rain. Many people now regard acid rain as one of the most serious environmental problems of our time. This lab if to help you understand the danger of acid and to test if the environment around has been threatened.
             I.) The Danger of Acid.
             ù├× You Will Need: .
             Baking Soda Lemon juice.
             White Vinegar 4 Glasses.
             Water pH paper.
             4 pennies with similar color .
             1. Put about 1/4 cup water in each of four clean drinking glasses, labeled A,B, C, and D.
             2. To glass A add about 1 spoon baking soda; to glass B add a spoon of white vinegar; to glass C ass a spoon of lemon juice; do not add anything to glass D, make it a control.
             3. Using a new piece of pH paper each time, dip a small piece into each solution. To determine the pH level of the solutions, compare the colors of the pH paper to those on the color chart, the record the data at the table below.
             4. Put a penny in each solution; put 4 glasses in a place where temperature will not change. 2 days later, compare the color of the penny and record the data at the table below.
             pH Level Color of penny after 2 days.
             Glass A.
             Glass B.
             Glass C.
             Glass D.
             On a pH level scale, anything below then 7 is acid, anything above 7 is alkaline. Each level is 10 times acidic or 10 times alkaline then the next level. For example, pH4 is 10 times acidic then pH5. Meaning a small change on the pH scale is actually a big change on how acid a solution is.
             1. Which glass of solution has the pH level the highest? .
             2. Which glass of solution has the pH level the lowest? .
             3. Which penny change color the most? What color is it? .
             4. Which penny changes color the least? .

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