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             An ongoing issue in today's world has to do with whether or not America should go up to Alaska and drill oil in the land. The only problem is that we"re not the only ones who want the land. The caribou that have lived on the land for centuries still want to live there, but won't be able to if we decide to drill there. It would be pretty cruel and senseless of us to take the land from them, and so therefore I am hoping that the caribou get to keep it. There are several reasons for this, and in this essay I will list a few.
             The only way that our government would allow us to drill the land would be if we absolutely need it. In case you weren't aware, a need is something that you positively cannot live without. The thing is, we can survive without drilling the line, we have been for this long, and I don't see why we should. The caribou, on the other hand, were born and raised on this land. They wouldn't know how to survive in a new area. They would have to make all kinds of new adjustments that they just couldn't deal with.
             Also, in America, we tens to go by the motto "first come first serve." So technically, since the Caribou were there before humans even discovered America, they have seniority over us. They claimed it and we didn't. We"re being selfish by demanding that we get to drill the land and ruin the lives of all the innocent caribou.
             When you live in a certain environment, your body and mind begin to adapt to their surroundings. The name for this is homeostasis, and it is one of the seven themes of life. For instance, when it gets cold, your body instantly tries to heat up, or when it gets too warm, you try to cool down. The caribou have lived on the land in Alaska for so long that they have adapted just as we have. If we took them away from the land, they would have no clue as to how to survive in another area.
             So, it is now very clear that the Caribou should be able to stay on their homeland.

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