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Salvador Dali: A Biography

             Out of all the artists of the 20th century, few have had such an impact on society as the eccentric painter whose paintings captivated audiences for almost 60 years. Salvador Dali was hugely popular in the art community for his originality in work, and many of his paintings now stand as icons for his era. Dali was popular with the public because he embraced new ideas of the time, many of which were incorporated into his works as well as his life. Dali continued to adopt new ideas as times changed, which allowed him to keep his popularity in both the public and art community, making him one of the most renowned artists of the 1900s. .
             Salvador Dali has greatly influenced art since his rise to fame in the early 1930s. His development of the "paranoia-critical method- was widely used by artists to develop inspiration for works. His influence in paintings and sculptures can clearly be seen in other artists' works up until his death. Even after Dali's death, his methods are still employed by artists in Surrealism. When examining the life of Salvador Dali, one can clearly see that he was one of the most renowned and influential artists who greatly impacted Surrealist art in the 1930s and 40s.
             On May 11, 1904, Salvador Dali was born to parents Salvador Dali Cusi and .
             Felipa Domenech Cusi. He lived in a small town in northern Spain called Figueres (Wood 6). Dali was the only child of the family, with the exception of a brother who .
             had died before Dali's birth (Hodge 6). His father, a lawyer and a notary, was an important man in Figueres, and his mother was a dedicated Christian. Dali was a loner for most of his youth, and displayed an interest in art early in his life (7). In 1908, Dali was sent to a nearby public school named Escuela Publica de Parvulos de Figueres, where he got his early education like all other children his age. He later was sent to the Colegio Hispano-Frances de Imaculada Concepcion until the age of twelve (Wood 7).

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