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Henry Ford Biography

            Henry Ford was a very controversial person in American history. He was no doubt one America's Industrial revolutionaries, building the first practical, affordable automobile. Henry paid his workers higher than every before (an outstanding six dollars per day). He was also controversial in his hatred anything and everything Jewish. What was his affect on America as we know it? .
             Henry Ford was born in Dearborn Michigan. When Henry turned sixteen he left his home in Detroit for an apprentice opportunity with a machinist. The first engine he built was steam turbine. The boiler exploded, hit Ford in the chest, and caught a fence on fire at his school. He was required to pay for the fence. His first working engine was a water turbine that ran off of a faucet to power a wood lathe. The engine had ½ horse power.
             When Ford was 28 he became an engineer for the Edison Illuminating Company. This company was also in Detroit. In 1893 he was promoted and he could now afford to experiment with internal combustion engines. His first "car- was the "Quadracycle-. It had four bicycle wheels and seated one person. The car was powered by a small, gasoline, internal combustion engine.
             Henry Ford's motor company, simply called the "Ford Motor Company-, was incorporated in 1903. This happened after two previous attempts. Ford became the vise-president and chief engineer. The first factory was on Mack Avenue, Detroit. The small company made 2 or 3 cars per day from parts other companies made for the company.
             Probably the most well known car in history was the model "T-, produced in 1908 for the first time. His was the first car that the common man could handle and afford with a little bit of saving. In 1913 Henry Ford had opened the first continuously moving assembly line, a break through in the American industrial revolution. By the year 1918, ½ of all the cars in America were Ford's model "T-.

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