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Direct Democracy vs Representative democracy

             The word democracy can be defined either way. One being "government by the people exercised through elected representatives" and the other being " majority rule , government that is exercised through the people." Both definitions although similar have great contrasts. They both in microcosmical way represent direct democracy which includes having referendums, initiatives and recall. What is a referendum? Well it's like an election in that citizens are registered to vote and cast a ballot. The difference is that they do not vote for a representative, they vote for a question. One of the most important characteristics of this type of vote is that it is the total number of votes cast for the question that counts and usually the ballot only has two options yes and no . However, referendums have not been a frequent happening in Canadian politics. The other form is know as representative democracy and is the traditional style of selecting a representative as the voice of the people. Canada has used this form for many years. Now in the 21st century there have been criticism as well as complements for the system we now carry. Some argue that direct democracy is the way to go because it truly represents the people and enhances citizen participation. Some say that with the great level of cynicism and public distrust in our political system that direct democracy is the only option for revival of true democracy. However on the contrary other dispute the faults of direct democracy. The fact that it can bring about serious divisiveness within a nation. All of the benefits from our traditional system and this new wave of populist support for direct democracy will all be anatomized to unclothe which has the most conclusive arguments.
             In the recent provincial election the voter turnout was 52% which favoured Dalton Mcguinty and the liberal party. 52 percent, that's only half of the registered voters in Ontario.

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