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Is Capitalism unintentionally good for workers?

             Is capitalism unintentionally good for workers?.
             From what I have read in A Dictionary of Philosophical Quotations, capitalism is bad for the every day worker. Capitalism keeps workers in a one-dimensional mind set and makes them property or slaves of the corporate world. I base my thoughts on the philosophy of Karl Marx. .
             Karl Marx is a true communist and has some valid arguments on capitalism. I especially agree with his sentence in the book, "The worker becomes all the poorer the more wealth he produces, the more his production increases in power and extent." The more a worker produces the more rich in money and power a company can get. When the company starts to make money it can hire twice as many people to produce more product and profit and pay cheap wages to the workers. The company gets more and more profit and the worker only gets minimum wage. Then some companies offer that same worker a place to live. It's usually a small insufficient place for someone to live, never mind a family. The company then takes most of their earnings for rent so the worker stays in this poverty cycle. The capitalist company milks the worker for his cheap labor and then all of the money that the worker has earned for rent money.
             Another issue on capitalism is private property. Capitalism is driven by the sense of having more. Having more money, having an expensive home, having a luxurious sports car. Capitalism makes everyone want more for them and less for everyone else. Marx comments, "Private property has made us so stupid and one-sided that an object is ours only when we have it." Capitalism makes us one-sided. If we had lived in a society where everyone had equal shares of money, food and other materials necessary to live than private property wouldn't be an issue. There also wouldn't be a class system, which would greatly help the working class. The working class would no longer exist because everyone would be equal and have equal amounts of food and money.

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