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The Short, Happy Life of Francois Macomber, by Ernest Heming

            Ernest Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois in 1899, and died in 1961 from committing suicide . At the age of seventeen he began his career as a writer, when he was hired as a newspaper reporter in Kansas City . Soon after, Hemingway volunteered his services to the Italian army, and there he worked with an ambulance unit . After returning from the war, he not only worked again as a reporter for various newspapers covering international events, but he was decidedly a hero . .
             "Limping along in his uniform, he looked the hero, and he could tell a good story. Now that he had broader experiences, he could tell really great stories. And the mysteries of Hemingway's life and Hemingway's writings begin to deepen. Which stories actually happened? Which did he invent? Did he come to believe the fiction as fact as many of his family, friends, and admirers did? Hemingway, the ultimate storyteller, was not only telling stories, he was reinventing himself .".
             Hemingway is well remembered for his expatriate period, when he, along with other notable American artists, spent time in Paris . Hemingway was soon to fall in love with a woman named Hadley Richardson, and the two corresponded for a long time before meeting . Once they did meet, Hemingway asked her to marry him, and they were wed on September 3, 1921 . They soon after moved to Washington and from here his writing career took off. Hemingway would continue to travel the world, writing for different newspapers and magazines, while also consistently working on his novels .
             The Short, Happy Life of Francis Macomber is the story of Francis, and his wife Margot, taking a trip to Africa to go on a safari. The relationship between Francis and his wife is tenuous, and throughout this trip their encounters with each other only serve to heighten the tensions between them. They enlist the help of a guide, Wilson, to take them on safari and hunting trips, and Wilson becomes an important dynamic in their relationship as well.

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