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Aboriginal rights

             From the beginning of colonialism in Australia, white power and authority have been misused. As a consequence of the near-total destruction of the indigenous people of Australia, and to what extent it coincided to a racist unjust situation will be expressed deeply in this essay. This essay will include the unfairness of the settlement and the death of almost half the aboriginal community although this has not been proven, this essay will extend that facts to a clearer vision. The lack of inner self and heart from the white community was not a simple matter of competition but rather inflected deeply by racism.
             It needs to be noted that the authority and power belonged to the indigenous people of Australia. There is an obvious connection between the aboriginals and their home and this is clearly a connection that should not have been broken. This was strongly challenged by the white settlers. The whites assumed that they were power and authority, even though the indigenous people made it clear that in the long run the whites stay was not welcomed. However strong the aboriginals were, the unwelcomed visitors were not ready to give up on what they now believed they owned. The aboriginals had to struggle to stand their ground against the overwhelming new culture that included such objects as guns and the deadly contagious diseases that became a hard battle. The aboriginals lack of knowledge of other cultures was clearly stated when the land and the home of the aboriginals were grabbed from them. The aboriginals were unprepared and not notified that such a disaster ever existed. .
             The following points clearly show that the white settlers paid no regard to the aboriginal's rights. Over 150 years of British settlement the aboriginals slowly started to become less and less members of the white community and culture. The most destructive legacy of racism has been the destruction of the aboriginal's dignity and basic human rights.

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