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DME - Urban Sprawl, Green Belt Policies and Brownfield Sites

            DME - Urban Sprawl, Green Belt Policies and Brownfield Sites.
             There are many reasons why people want to move from the inner city to the outer suburbs. They are : .
             ▪ A lower population density.
             ▪ Less pollution.
             ▪ A quieter neighbourhood.
             ▪ Higher achieving schools.
             ▪ A healthier environment.
             2. Urban sprawl - Urban sprawl is where an urban area is expanding out into the countryside.
             Green belt - A green belt site is an area of countryside which is not allowed to be built on unless of certain special circumstances. These can be things like farming.
             Brownfield site - A brownfield site is an area of derelict or unused land. It can be reused.
             3. By 2021, ribbons of urban development may grow out from London if the government does not act soon. Nearby commuter towns such as Guildford, Reigate and Gatwick are in danger of becoming one vast urban sprawl. One town in the south-east of London may have to house another 100,000 people by the year 2016; this is the Kentish town of Ashford. Its proximity to the Channel Tunnel rail link explains its success. Along the south coast, seaside towns such as Bognor Regis, Worthing, Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings are all expected to expand as London commuters and retired people opt to move there.
             4,a, Rural areas of the south-east of England are in danger of further creeping urban sprawl between now and 2021. This is because they are in danger of being swallowed up in the developing urban sprawl. This is because more and more people are moving into this area due to more wealth being in the area. In 1997 alone 125,000 people moved there mainly from other parts of the UK. By 2021 the number of people living in the south-east is expected to rise by 13%. With this large number of people expected to be in the area by 2021, a lot of homes will need to be built. This will eat away at the countryside even more, leaving less until it doesn't look like a rural area at all.

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