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Child Abuse, What Needs to Be Done

            To see a child with cuts, bruises and black eyes is nothing today. You would never think the ones that gave them life are also the ones beating them down? "Thousands of children are abused and neglected in North America every year," (Havelin, 4). Child abuse is a serous problem that is growing throughout the US.
             Strange that our country is full of freedom and is always number one. Havelin states, "The majority of abusers are the child's own parents," (4). Wouldn't you want your child's dream to be about becoming a major sports player, rather than dreaming of new parents or a new home? This is just one more issue that is soaring today, but should not be.
             Child abuse has been around for years, but the numbers are growing now more than ever. Today "spanking" your child is thought to be abuse, but now a lot more is involved. "Child abuse is the mistreatment of a child under the age of 18 by a parent, caretaker, someone living in their home or someone who works with or around children," (Lindsey, 1). In early centuries abuse wasn't thought to be abuse at all, it was thought to be punishment for misbehaving children, (Havelin, 55). The definition for child abuse has not only developed and lengthened, but has also grown in technicality. .
             Societies" opinions are always taken to heart. Amanda Linker quotes, "I think that it us repulsing, and disgusting. I feel for the innocent children." Because comments like this are often revealed in public, an effective solution to this problem needs to be found.
             How is it that most often the mother is so caring and loving, yet hurtful and cruel in abusive families? "Mothers are responsible for 75 percent of mistreatment of children," (Havelin, 15). Children do not know any better than to love and trust there mothers. .
             Many people take children for granted, even if laws are there to enforce the problems. In 1974 a law passed to prevent child abuse and neglect, (Havelin, 52).

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