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English Their Eyes Were Watching God

            In Their Eyes Were Watching God, the narrator comments that "any man who walks in the way of power and property is bound to meet hate." This means that when anyone gets rich or powerful, they begin to get bitter attitudes towards them and how people feel about them dramatically changes. In the story, Jody goes through many changes which lead him to be a different person after his experience with wealth and power. When he becomes this different person, people feel differently towards him, whether it's despise or jealousy. The narrator's commentary in Their Eyes Were Watching God accurately describes how when individuals become wealthy, attitudes towards them change to more hatred, because of feelings of jealousy, despise, and many .
             When Janine met Jody, she had no real idea or care about his wealth. She was in love with the dreams he had and what he wanted to do with his life. He seems like he wanted to start a new life, with no subliminal ambitions. But instead, she notices when they get there, he was there just to satisfy his hunger for power. She notices these bad traits after he gets the power. Janine also starts to notice how Jody really is inside, a materialistic man who is striving for power over everyone. This is because Jody's flaws become more evident when he gains power and wealth.
             Over those following years, Janine sees more and more how she is treated like a possession of Jody's. One example is when Jody is elected mayor, and Janine is asked to give a speech but he doesn't allow it. Under normal circumstances, it wouldn't be a big deal, but because of his status and character, it's a big deal to her. Although she holds it in for other reasons, she still feels that hate towards him for being treated like a possession and not a person. Janine notices all this now because now that he has wealth and power, she has to hide in his shadows and be treated poorwritC so she is jealous that with their status she isn't being treated better.

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