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Oliver Twist Analysis

             The type of the book, Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens is most likely to be a 1st level.
             It is a mystery because the story is looking for Oliver's lost past and recover a large .
             inheritance of money that was lost nine years ago. The book can also be considered as a 1st .
             level adventure story because Oliver goes through many hardships in his childhood up until he.
             gets to London and meets new friends, but also meets new enemies. At London, he finds his only.
             family members and he learns about his past. This book is a mystery and adventure story.
             The opening situation of the book starts off with a lady running away and coming across .
             a small cottage. The lady laid a baby boy, but she dies because she was ill. The boy is named by.
             Mr. Bumble, who owns an orphanage. Mr. Bumble names him Oliver Twist. Oliver had to move.
             to another house because he is nine years old. Instead of living a life of misery he runs away to.
             London and finds a gang of thieves. The story continues on after this. Oliver searches for any.
             trace of his past or any family members of his that are still alive.
             There are many problems in this book. The first problem is that Oliver is poor and needs.
             a place to stay. He goes to Fagin, a leader of a gang of thieves, but that only leads to more .
             problems. His half brother, Monks, discovers of his whereabouts and tries to turn him towards.
             a life of crime. Secondly, Mr. and Mrs. Bumble find about Oliver's inheritance from his mother.
             It turns out to be a gold ring and they pawn it for lots of money. Lastly, Oliver needs to gain his.
             respect from Mr. Brownlow, because he thinks Oliver stole something. Oliver can only get his.
             inheritance if he does not disgrace his family name.
             There are also many resolutions for these problems. Oliver gets his inheritance from his.
             mother. Monks escapes from the law but eventually gets caught. Mr. Brownlow adopts Oliver as.
             his son. Also, it turns out that Rose is Oliver's aunt.

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