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            I excavated Fugawiland through computer simulation and found that there are 25 sites in Fugawiland. There were a couple of groups living in northern Wisconsin, Fugawiland, about two thousand years ago. I chose and excavated 10 sites from along the lake shore, on the river, in the southern hills, and on the plain between the lakeshore and the hills. .
             Concerning food, White-tailed deer, cottontail rabbits, trout, mussels, and acorns are eaten in Fugawiland. White-tailed deer was abundant throughout Fugawiland and it was easily hunted during the fall mating season because they were more curious and move around than other season. Cottontail rabbits were mainly hunted along rivers and they were fattest in the summer, fall, and early winter. People could find trout close to shore and in the river mouth around the Great Lakes, mainly in the spring and summer. Mussels prospered in the streams and along the lake shore in Fugawiland and they were nutritious in the fall and spring. Acorns could be found in the southern part of Fugawiland and they matured in the fall.
             I think that food is the most useful information for distinguishing the different types of sites because animals and plants have their own habitat. For example, as I mentioned above mussels can be found only along river and lake shore and not found in plain and high elevation area. .
             The place where zigzag pot shards were found could not find banded pot shards. On the contrary the place where banded pots were found could not find zigzag shards. From these information I can draw the conclusion that different group of people had different decoration for pottery. In addition zigzag pot shards were excavated in Westside and banded pot shards were found in Eastside of the land. I think there were two groups of people in Fugawiland. One group had zigzag design and lived in Westside and another one had banded design and lived in Eastside of Fugawiland.

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