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Little Mermaid

             While watching The Little Mermaid I noticed that the females were portrayed as physically appealing in many inappropriate ways. The beautiful good hearted mermaids wore revealing clothes such as seashell bras and sometimes nothing at all. Arial also used body gestures to convince Prince Eric to fall in love with her at the young age of 16. The evil sea witch was portrayed as large, depressed, and ugly, a woman that has to commit evil deeds in order to fit in the society she resides in. This movie was broadcasted during my childhood years and thinking back to those times and how they affected me really has impacted my life. There are many things in The Little Mermaid that exists in our everyday society. In the next few paragraphs we will talk about sexist objections contained in The Little Mermaid and how they relate to communication properties that have been taught in our communications class.
             First, the model type characters in the movie were displayed perfectly in almost everyway. Arial could sing beautifully, she had the perfect body, beautiful eyes, long brown hair, she was a princess, and she basically had it all. She played the role of a 16 year old rebellious teenage mermaid. As a rebellious teenage mermaid she did show some teenage communication characteristics such as her want to form emotional bonds with humans and not with just her own kind. She was always looking to connect on a peaceful level. The male humans wanted to communicate for status, they wanted to kill the mermaids in order to raise their status in their world. Back to her physical features, Arial used her body gestures to seduce Prince Eric into falling in love with her without ever speaking a word which could be the reason why females in today society thrive on beautiful look sand acceptance. Arial also became a metaphor for the traditional housewife when Ursila tells Arial that taking her voice away isn't so bad because men don't like when women speak.

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