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Business Report

             My group and I consisted of James, Tom Cameron and myself. We originally had decided to do a pizza business in the school grounds, however, this business was unfortunately rejected. We then had to come up with an alternate business to run, this business was lawn mowing, which we did out side of school.
             2.a) Lawn mowing was eventually chosen due to the fact that our original idea of a pizza business was knocked back. We decide to do lawn mowing then over anything else because it was an easy task to do and had very minimal costs, which we were sure to cover.
             b) Roles of the group:.
             James: was the treasurer, who dealt with all financial aspects of this operation and was responsible for making the receipts that we gave to the clients on the day.
             Tom: was the CEO, tom was in charge of the group as a whole, he organised meetings, and was the person who got the permits from the council to fill out in order for us to do our pizza business.
             Cameron: was the secretary, his, role was to keep minutes at every meeting.
             Myself (Daniel): I was the Market Manager, and I made advertising for the pizza business, that in the end we did not even require. Also I made the business card.
             On the actual day that we did the lawn mowing, we pretty much shared the duties rather evenly, and what ever needed to be done, was done by who ever was available at the time.
             c) Our group received information and expert advice from Mr. Farley, our business management teacher. He advised us on regulations that applied when doing a food business, which was relevant when we were going to do the pizza business. When we were knocked back Mr. Farley then recommended that we look at doing lawn mowing due to the fact it was easy to do in such a short time to organise it.
             d) For market research my group and I basically asking around on prices for pizza slices. We asked students at school what they thought of the prices on the cost of a slice of pizza.

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