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Coming of Age in Mississippi

            Coming of Age in Mississippi is the autobiography of an African American woman growing up in a racist south in the mid 1900s. It is the story of Anne Monody's struggle to deal with the race the racist society she is born into and her fight for freedom for herself and fellow African Americans. The book portrays her fight from when she was a small child on a plantation farm until she became a great civil rights leader in Mississippi. Moody tells of her hardships of growing up poor and black at the time and one can see how she changes and grows living in the United States at the time. She is shaped by society's view.
             It shows life in a Mississippi town during the civil rights movement of the 1940's and 1950's. She overcomes problems such as discrimination and hunger as she struggles to survive childhood. The main character, Anne Moody, always saw a purpose for her life, while she struggled through life's hardships.
             As the story plays out it shows how mush courage one person has this story shows that she always had what it took to change something. I believe that courage is something that you come to find in your self as you grow up and becoming to see things and people in a different light.
             To believe in contains like she did has to take a lot of cordage and you will need it when others doing want to address the matter or they tank that its not cool or right. It is vary hard to believe in something so much even if no one is behind you in the matter I think that is what is so great about ties book because it show someone to stand up for what they believe in and never step down no matter what people think of you.

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