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The characters of Tom Sawyer

            Mark Twain is considered to be the most successful writer in American literature. Most of his works are highly appreciated by readers, especially; those are for children such as Tom Sawyer, Corlonel Sellers, Huck Finn, a Nigro Jim One of the most memorable and the deepest impression in readers" hearts is Tom Sawyer in the novel "The adventures of Tom Sawyer". Tom Sawyer appears in front of us both familiar and fresh. He looks familiar because he seems to be close to us and we can look at ourselves through character Tom. On the other hand, we find Tom always fresh in every new page of Mark Twain because there is only one character called Tom with his own feeling, thinking and actions.
             1. An active and mischievous boy.
             The deepest characteristic of Tom Sawyer in readers" hearts is his mischief. He always thinks of playing tricks to others and making fun in any situation as much as he can. He does such many different things that no one can know what he will do "he never plays them alike, two days, and how is a body to know what is coming"; his aunt Polly has to say to herself. Whenever Tom makes mistake, either small or big one, he always thinks of getting his way. For Tom he never sits still or keeps quiet but he always teases any body he wants in his own ways. When sitting in the church, he always starts to quarrel with others next to him. After that he pulls a boy's hair in the next bench and look at his book as if there is nothing happening. Tom hates school and church very much. He is forced to go there so it is a good chance for him to play new tricks. Bill is said to be the most difficult to learn by heart and just few in thousand people except the industrious pupils. And those who get the prize Bible will become great and being admired by others. Tom once more makes all people surprised and socked when he gets the prize from the superintendent. This event is likely as "a thunder bolt out of a clear sky" because Tom is never expected.

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