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Narrative Essay - The Rock Concert

            The cool, winter air tingled against my face as I stepped out of the small car. The parking lot was filled with voices, shouting, and laughter. A group of rowdy teenagers smashed beer bottles against the concrete in the distance. As we walked towards the coliseum, the sound of ranting fans filled the air. Entering through the gray doors, I was about to experience thousands of screaming fans all around me, the roar of familiar music and flashing lights along with exploding pyrotechnics.
             Once inside, we walked to the floor where people were sitting to reserve a good spot in the concert. The constant chatter of thousands of fans filled the coliseum. People began to flood in from every door, pushing and shoving one another like animals. In the blink of an eye, the coliseum was filled with darkness. The next thing to be heard was the high-pitched sound of the electric guitar mixed with thousands of screaming, out of control fans. As soon as the music started, lights flashed out of control and the crowd swarmed towards the stage. Grabbing my friend's hand, I began pushing my way through the crowd towards the front of the stage. Stuck in the middle of screaming, jumping bodies, I was tossed around like a rag doll. There were bodies on every side of me, pushing and falling against me. Just as I was beginning to think that I could not take any more of the chaos, the song ended and the music stopped.
             It seemed like only a few seconds passed and the music started again. This time, the tune was familiar to my ears. The crowd went wild as the band began to play. Loosing myself in the music, I turned into one of the out of control, screaming fans. My body began moving in sync with the blaring guitar and the pounding drums. The song became louder, faster, stronger and more out of control. My body was jumping, pounding, and being thrown around but I didn't seem to notice. Singing along with the music, I became unaware of everything surrounding me.

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