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The Pilgrimage

             In 1620, a group of people in search of religious freedom, the Pilgrims, arrived in the New World. Even through the hardships they had encountered on the voyage nothing stopped them. Upon arrival they were helped start their new life by a local Native American tribe. As a thank you, the Pilgrims invited the tribe to celebrate their first successful harvest. .
             The Pilgrims left England for religious freedom. 67 of the 101 people, known as the "Saints" separated from the Church of England. To avoid any problems these "Saints" fled to Holland in 1609. Within a few years their children grew accustomed to the Dutch way of life, which made the Pilgrims be concerned. They did not want their children growing up with Dutch morals. When news was heard of a voyage being taken to Northern Virginia the "Saints", also known as separates, were ready. When the 67 separates and the 34 other strangers boarded the Mayflower on September 6, 1620 they did not know what they were getting themselves into.
             The conditions on the Mayflower were very difficult. The journey took over two months. There were actually 102 people that started off the voyage, unfortunately one-woman jumped over-board; the wife of William Bradford, Dorothy. There were many brutal storms and different diseases. "Many were afflicted with seasickness" (Bradford 167). The ship was old and the powerful winds made it weak. Many of the people on the ship feared it wouldn't make it. Many crewmembers wanted to return to England but the Captain refused. Due to the storms they were thrown off coarse and landed in Cape Cod. .
             Upon the Mayflower, the "Mayflower Compact", the first legal document was signed. Only the male "Saints" were allowed to sign the agreement, no women or strangers. In this agreement the men were given equal rights to which all promised "Submission and obedience". Even the poor man would have an opportunity to participate in government.

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